How does it work

So you found the pokermods you were looking for, and you want to use them in your next game. Let’s see how can we put your design to work and make those golden chips shine so that $Oil_Sheik92 can get envious and you can finally have that small smile.

Once you have registered, and downloaded your pre-paid or free mods that you want to go with you will likely face two kind of situations:

  1. You simply need to modify some settings within the program, and edit a line of the game’s ion.
  2. You will need some more tweaking to get things done but nothing serious: overwriting some files in the games directory

If you are in the comfortable position that you’ve downloaded a mod that falls into the first category, first you simply need to run the .exe file downloaded to your PC. The easy situation usually occurs when you are modifying the whole theme (e.g. color of the table, design of texts, color of the room etc.) so you are updating the whole package and not only a part of it. In this case after you’ve installed your theme in to the game’s folder, you will be able to choose the downloaded theme in the game’s settings menu.

It’s important to mention here, that for example in case you are a Poker Stars fan you will also have to disable the program’s automatic update to keep your settings and pokermods.

To do this you simply need to navigate to the game’s folder (usually C:\Program Files\PokerStars\ ) and look for the .exe file (PokerStars.exe). If you run the application from here (and not from your desktop icon) the update won’t occur. However if you would like to use the icon on the desktop you simply need to right-click on the icon and do the following:

  • Select properties
  • in the “Object” section remove the inscription “Update”
  • This can be found in the line “C:\Program Files\PokerStars\PokerStarsUpdate.exe”

Once you got this done, you are all set to enter your favorite poker site with your freshly installed mod.

In the second scenario – which usually means that you would like to change the color/design of your chips, or cards, or other things – you will usually need to do some overwriting or copying as mentioned before. Once you have your – to stick to the earlier story, let’s say – golden chips downloaded, in most of the cases you will first need to install the mod, and secondly copy the graphic elements into the game’s folder. Once again in the case of Poker Stars you will need to copy the folder under C:\Program Files\PokerStars\gx\chips&deck\.

After copying it, for Poker Stars you will still need to do the above mentioned step, and disable the program’s automatic update to avoid losing your freshly installed golden chips. Finally when you have copied the files in the folder, and blocked the program from updating, you can start the game and make everyone envious when your all-in will look like a bunch of gold bars piled on each other.

All the sites which were mentioned earlier will provide you with separate installation instructions so there is no way for you to get stuck in the process. Even in the unlikely situation when you are in need of some help, you can easily reach out to the community and post a question in either the forums, or under the mod’s own comment section.

In half of the cases I found that some poker game networks already support moddings which makes the whole process a lot easier. If you are lucky you won’t even have to bother with any tweaking, copying, or overwriting but simply run the installer and in the game settings choose your newly installed mod. It’s great that the big companies are also reacting to the trend of modding, and maybe in the near future they will consider to let you have built-in customization tools.