Did you ever hear about poker mods? No? Then this might be a refreshing experience for you.

Your own poker style

It’s amazing how many people share the same opinion. If you take your time and dig into the world of pokermods you will realize that there are lots of user created ones to enhance your poker experience. The modding mania goes all the way from: changing the color of your desk, to making your chips look like you don’t only have the money but have some taste also. These little tricks will not only open a magical door in those same-looking online poker rooms, but you will also be able to show your own individual style, making it feel like a smooth game where you are in control. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

  • Do you want to add a different color to your table? Check.
  • Do you want to add more color to your cards? Check.
  • Do you want to have different sounds? Check.
  • Do you want to make your chips look like gold? Oh yes.

With the online poker mods you can easily have these, and build your own unique poker experience. Especially since the introduction of poker apps for mobile phones. Depending on your taste you can make everything look more colorful, or if you are an experienced player you might want to go for a more serious look with dark colors. If you were missing the design part of online poker rooms here is the chance to finally push the colors, fonts, texts, avatars, images to the limit and get a combination together that will put a small smile on your face when next time you double-click that icon on your desktop.

If you are looking forward to that smile let me show you where can you find them, how can you install them, and how to use them. So hop on the modding train and let’s take a look at what’s on the market nowadays.

Just For a Few Dollars More

Firstly you should be aware that these mods are mostly available for the bigger sites. In the future you might be able to get your fingers on a bigger variety of mods, but for now these are mostly created by fans – and right in the beginning I have to say, even if this was created “only” by some poker lovers out there, the quality is much better than what one would expect. If you check a toplist of the most successful online poker sites of 2016 you will probably end up with something like this:

  • 888 Poker
  • PokerStars
  • Party Poker
  • Full Tilt
  • Bodog Poker
  • Unibet Poker
  • MPN

Probably these are the most well-known poker sites and for a fun fact: PokerStars is still leading in the numbers when it comes to online players. If you are a regular player on one of these sites, modding will be quite easy or at least much more easier compared to looking for mods for a less popular site.

Bodog poker app

Bodog is another very popular poker site for which mods are available. Ever since the Bodog Poker app has been released more and more custom mods are becoming available for players all over the world.

So where should you look? A simple Google search will throw modding pages at you right away but it will take some time to find the quality and style that is really the one you are after. The pages I found most useful when it comes to modding are:

  • pokerlayout.eu
    • Mods for: Poker Stars, Full Tilt, Party Poker, 888 Poker, iPoker Network, MPN Poker
  • modmaniac.com
    • Mods for: Poker Stars, WPN and Twitch streams for live poker games
  • pokergraphics.eu
    • Mods for: Poker Stars, WPN, Party & bwin, iPoker, 888 Poker, MPN Poker, and mod Packs

When it comes to quality I found that Mod Maniac has the best looking designs for your modding desires. However it is important to note that you will barely find free mods on this page.

When it comes to pricing Poker Layout has much more variety in free mods but still cannot compare to the other sites in the number of mods available. However if you don’t mind investing a few bucks (from $4 to around $25) you can get the looks you were always after.

Example: Shadow Mod Pack for WPN

Example: Shadow Mod Pack for WPN

There is no member fee, you only pay after the mod you choose to install. The only thing needed is to hit the register button and set-up an account for yourself using your e-mail address. Once you are ready all pages offer you secured payments via PayPal or Skrill so you don’t have to worry about security. If you still have any questions or doubts you might also check the usual FAQ, or post your questions and comments on the forums.

The poker modding society seems to be rather vivid so once you are out there looking for the right ingredients, the feedback system will help you a lot. You can check the comment section to make sure everybody was satisfied with the mod you are planning to use, or on Poker Graphics you can go and simply choose from the Top Seller page, and look for the mod with the most points and biggest popularity.

One more great addition that really makes this society shine bright, is that these mods are not only one time products that were just simply put on a list a few years ago, but the creators are so devoted to the cause that you will be getting updates every once in a while, ensuring that you receive the experience that you were looking for.