About us

Why am I writing about pokermods? Imagine a humid hot summer afternoon…You just had your duel at noon in front of the town hall, and that outlaw will never-ever bother anyone, anymore… So what are you up to for the rest of the evening? That’s right! Why not hit the table after a hard day, order a bottle of whisky, and light your cigar to be all set to beat a few buddies in a never ending poker game.

I know we are not living in the world of spaghetti westerns anymore, but to be honest ever since I saw Clint Eastwood put the three aces on the table in “For A Few Dollars More” I wanted to get to that saloon – okay maybe in a bulletproof vest – and try my luck in this great game of deception. You might wonder what has Clint, cigars, and whiskey to do with online poker and you are sadly right: nothing anymore.

We don’t have to go back to the era of the Wild West, but only before the era of online games, when on an ordinary afternoon some friends would gather for a man’s night to try their luck, and more importantly have a poker game, face-to-face. Nowadays if you take a look around this is really getting uncommon, and even less probable. So maybe, just maybe, I’ll find the perfect pokermods for that saloon ;-).