New looks for your poker apps

It’s much more easier – in a way more competitive – to start a game with a few clicks, with people from all around the world – and you only need a few bucks. Maybe we got more comfortable, or the only thing that got stuck in the back of our mind is that we might even be able to win much more by beating “$Oil_Sheik92” than by inviting our good old neighbor Jim over.

Nevertheless no one can dispute that online poker is one of the most popular things out there, however whenever I sat down to have a quick Texas Hold’em I had three things constantly bugging me:

A. if $Oil_Sheik92 would be sitting in front of me, I could easily read all of his moves
B. I could use my bluff more effectively
C. And most importantly: why is this thing so ugly and basically has almost the same looks on every site?

Obviously until we are not running around with built-in chips for 3D VR games, or holographic headsets, we won’t be able to fix point A and B. But have you ever wondered that what’s up with the looks on the sites?

It’s for sure that the online poker wants to keep itself clean and neat, but even in real life I would get bored to sit down to the same looking table again and again and again, especially in a strange world where people would only consist of a small text (fancy username) and an even smaller picture (fancy avatar) – making the whole thing look even more repetitive.

Okay I won’t go any further because I guess you are getting my point… What is for sure, is that online poker sites never invested big money in design or even tried to make it look less boring. If you ever thought about the same, here comes the fun part: there are ways to make it at least a tiny bit more fun – and no I’m not referring to get yourself chipped with some 3d VR chip ordered from Alibaba…